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The Things I Love About Birthdays
AuthorTrace Moroney
Publishing HouseFive Mile
Children’s Books
There are so many things to love about your Birthday. Unwrapping gifts, special activities, hosting a party, playing games, party food and of course cake. This beautiful book explores the wonderful things to love about birthdays through simple examples and sweet artwork – reminding children that the best thing about birthdays is sharing the celebration with loved ones.
Author Lannoo Publishers
Publishing House Lannoo Publishers
Publishing HouseABC MELODY
Children’s Books
How to Market Like Lei Jun
Publishing House江西教育出版社
Xiaomi Inc. is the world’s fourth largest smart phone manufacturer headquartered in Beijing, China. Its innovated marketing strategy, which is inviting technology enthusiasts to participate in the research and development of technology products producing process, has subverted the marketing model of traditional enterprises and created a precedent for China’s Internet innovation marketing. So far, Xiaomi not only became the most influential company in China, but also expanded its business to 73 countries including Singapore, Vietnam, India, Russia etc. All of these intelligent decisions are made by its founder Lei Jun. This book systematically summarizes Lei Jun’s marketing concepts from “Internet + Marketing”,experience marketing, fan marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, new media marketing, hunger marketing, and event marketing. Combined with case studies and thorough analysis, the images were peeled off to reach the roots of Xiaomi’s successful marketing.
AuthorKašmir Huseinović
Publishing HouseDjecja Knjiga - Children's Book
Children’s Books
The beautiful story of Lewis Carroll, who giggled the imagination of girls and boys around the world "Alice in Wonderland," is convinced by Kashmir Husenovic with illustrations by Andreja Petrlik Huseinovic. Alice sat in a meadow with her sister reading the book. Just as she got bored and easy to get in, a white rabbit swarmed beside it, and it was completely unusual. There was no other than to crawl out of curiosity and jump in the rabbit hole. It's just the beginning of the story, and the real adventure is yet to come. What did all of Alice do in the land of wonders, remember or discover for the first time with our picture book.
Publishing HouseFleurus Editions
For a family life together and soothed! • 1 book offering simple rituals so that at any time of the day, all members of the family can relax and gently manage small anger and great annoyance. This book also includes tips to better understand your child and help them feel good. • 1 beautifully illustrated poster to hang in the sight of all to integrate these rituals daily. Discover a more zen way of life that will bring your family well-being and pleasure to be together. For the whole family: children, teens, adults, no age limit!
Publishing HouseCarlsen Agency
Children’s Books
The two boys, Mogens and Mahdi, are back in this follow-up to the graphic novel that took Denmark by storm Return to Mogens and Mahdi, their humor and their boyish escapades in this collection of 11 brand new short stories. It’s nice. It’s sweet. It’s death metal, it’s karma, it’s YouTube, sports day and a trip to the beach. Mogens and Mahdi are definitely back!
The pink flamingo who did not want to be pink
Publishing HouseCirconflexe - Millepages
Children’s Books
Pinky le flamant rose déteste le rose. C'est une couleur de fille ! Pourtant, lorsqu'il interroge les animaux au bord du marécage, tous semblent envier son superbe plumage. Pinky n'en revient pas ! Lui n'a qu'un souhait : ressembler au bel ara bleu…
Taobao Operation Accelerated Guide: E-Commerce Military Regulations 81 Lecture
ISBN:9787121 339486
AuthorZhen Jia& Jiaoqi Gui
Publishing HousePHEI
Business & Management
This book is about E-Commerce operation, which is written by Jia Zhen and Gui Jiaoqi together. Taking operation of Taobao for example, it explains the 81 suggestions and skill of E-Commerce operation. For instance, how to innovate, how to win, how to resolve the difficult position of talents, how to set up self-brand, etc. What’s more, this book combines the “strategic plan” and “operational technology” of e-commerce perfectly. It pays more attention to provoke readers’ thought and helps readers to establish an independent mode of thinking, rather than simply repeat.
Real-experience Multidimensional Trainings of International Online Business B2B
ISBN:9787121 358289
AuthorAlibaba International Business Unit& Zhejiang Commercial Vocational and Technical College
Publishing HousePHEI
Business & Management
This book is based on the cross-border trade workflow of Alibaba International Trading Market (International Station) and is based on the actual work content of Alibaba's international trading market. The book comprehensively discusses the basic overview of the new B2B cross-border e-commerce, the basic rules of Alibaba International Station, the business process of Alibaba International Station, the method of acquiring business opportunities, the operational skills of Alibaba International Station, and the promotion of product promotion. The new media marketing technology of the basic goal is rich in content and integrates trade, marketing and technology.
Right Catalogue
AuthorOne Tree House
Publishing HouseOneTree House
Based in Auckland, New Zealand, under the shadow of One Tree Hill (Maungakiekie), we aim to reach out to the world with a range of carefully crafted works, each destined to become much-loved stories, told by New Zealand authors and illustrators. We use our expertise to publish titles that babies through to young adults will love  – stories that reflect Aotearoa New Zealand's landscape and experience while promoting our substantial literary tradition to the world. These works may not always be set in New Zealand but will emanate from our uniquely talented pool of authors and illustrators. Our sales and marketing for every title and project will pursue all opportunities, from media options through to international rights sales, representation and distribution. Our goal is, no stone unturned on behalf of the talent we represent.
Author404 Editions
Publishing House404 Editions
Find the magical world of Harry Potter in a scratch book! Find your favorite characters in the Harry Potter universe and, armed with your little stick, scratch the black pages and discover what Hogwarts secrets are hidden in this magical book! Revelio!
When the World Is Full of Friends
Publishing HouseBloomsbury Publishing Plc
Albert, Tom, Flossie, and Pipkin love to invent games together, and their biggest wish is to have friends to share them with. One day, something magical happens. A family of squirrels moves in across the stream! They could be the perfect friends—but how will they cross the stream? This touching story from the team behind When the World Is Ready for Bed and When the World Was Waiting for You will warm the hearts of readers young and old.
AuthorGiulia Vetri
Publishing HouseDe la Martinière Jeunesse
Children’s Books
Et si l’endroit le plus mystérieux de la planète n’était pas une île perdue dans le triangle des Bermudes ou une cité engloutie sous les eaux, mais une étendue infinie de glace qui figure sur les cartes depuis toujours ? Un territoire qui n’a pas encore révélé tous ses secrets. Un espace deux fois plus grand que l’Europe, lieu des plus folles expéditions. Le dernier continent exploré par l’homme : l’Antarctique. Un somptueux documentaire sur un continent de science et de paix à l’attraction magnétique.
Master Series: Illusion
Illusion is a modern suspense reasoning fiction, and it is the third one of Master Series. The detective’s mother Diana falls in even bigger danger. Torrey knew from the chief of London police station that Diana has gone to Shanghai. Torrey, Hailee and Ramon leave London for Shanghai, and get help from International Criminal Police Organization where Ramon’s old friend Hu Xiong worked in. They captured the clandestine group at one swoop, Diana was reunited with Torrey finally.
I'm learning to draw animals from Africa
AuthorPhilippe Legendre
Publishing HouseFleurus Editions SA
Children’s Books
A recognized and easy method, in four steps, to learn to draw like the big ones! The vocabulary of forms allows the child to succeed all his drawings. This book presents 9 models of animals that live in Africa: the panther, the monkey, the lion, the hippopotamus, the crocodile, the elephant, the giraffe, the rhinoceros, the zebra.
Le Petit Nicolas
AuthorÉditions Animées
Publishing HouseÉditions Animées
Children’s Books
A l’occasion des 60 ans du Petit Nicolas, Éditions Animées a créé un Cahier de Dessin Animé autour de deux histoires intemporelles du Petit Nicolas, à l’école et avec ses amis. Aux côtés des textes originaux de Goscinny, les dessins de Sempé, une fois coloriés, s’animent pour créer un film dont l’enfant est le réalisateur.
Croc & Turtle
Publishing HouseBloomsbury Publishing Plc
Meet Croc and Turtle! Croc is the strongest because he can lift a big, heavy rock . . . until Elephant flings it into the air with ease. Croc is the highest jumper . . . until Rabbit shows up and soars into the sky. But Croc is definitely the fastest runner . . . until Cheetah zooms past. Croc is worried that he’s not the best at anything! But Croc and Turtle are the best at something more important than being the strongest or the fastest—they’re the best at being friends. Packed with charm and humor, this exciting beginning of a new picture book duo for the ages is one to read with your best friend.