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Full Interpretation of New Retailing
AuthorGlobal E-Businessman
Publishing HousePHEI
Business & Management
In 2017, Amazon purchased the famous brick-and-mortor brand Whole Food for 13.7 billion US dollars. While many commented this move as “disruptive”, some considered it “ stolen a page from Alibaba’s playbook”. Alibaba, another e-commerce that is growing at a dizzying pace in China, not only brought the shifting of e-commerce in China, but many revolutions in the retail world. New retail, the concept that mentioned by Jack Ma in 2016, is one of the most important revolutions.”In the future 10 to 20 years, there’ll be no e-commerce, but new retail.” That’s Jack Ma’s prediction. Cases included: Nanjing Road in Shanghai, why it became the best lab for new retail? How Wal-mart beats e-commerce with new retail? How the Chinese apparel company achieved 418,000,000RNB in just one day? Zhang Yong, Alibaba’s CEO on how to make full use of big data. So, what is new retail? How it’s bringing disruptive changes in China’s new retail world and why even Amazon wanted to copy it? The New Retail Full.
Image vs History and Everything Left Unsaid: What about Modern China in Pictures (1874-1949)
This is the first comprehensive and systematic discussion of the evolution of China's modern and contemporary pictorial newspapers. The text expounds contemporary pictorial newspapers’ historical transformations and how they interacted with China’s process of social modernization. It provides enrichment for pictorial research in the history of Chinese journalism, and provides an important historical footnote for the Modern era of images. This book approaches the interactions between the history of social culture and changes to media, thereby expanding academic possibilities for the history of Chinese journalism. The book is divided into five chapters, namely: Historical Forms of Modern Chinese Pictorials, Scope and Theme in Modern Chinese Pictorials, Spiritual Culture Requirements of Pictorial Communications Groups as Seen Academically and Geographically, Visual Representation and Cultural Composition of Dual Variations between Tradition and Modernity, and Development of Narrative Traits and Communication Concepts in Modern Chinese pictorials.
10 Minutes a Day, Keep Obesity Away
Publishing HouseJiangxi Science and Technology Press
A correct health concept and the power of adherence is the foundation of slimming. Just selecting a suitable sport can easily take aerobic exercise, burning fat effectively. In addition, body-shaping exercise should be taken every day. Warm-up before exercise will reduce waist’s proud flesh and beautify the waist, stretch the leg muscles and improve poor posture, strengthen the body’s suppleness and flexibility. This book introduces exercise on neck, shoulder, arm, back and the chest. Hurry up! 10 minutes a day, keep obesity away!
Chinese Culture Reader
Chinese Culture Reader mainly introduces Chinese history and the contemporary culture of China. Its concise and natural style of writing, as well as its vivid and lively accounts offers the readers a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. The readers can develop a feel for Chinese culture through easy reading, and at the same time improve their Chinese in a natural way. The book is divided according to its different topics. There are four parts: Knowledge Introduction, Additional Information, Short Reading, and Exercises. Closely connected, the first three parts form a delightful contract with interesting knowledge points, agreeable information and lively short readings. As for the last part, the exercises are designed in an interactive way with a lot of practical illustrations.
Publishing HouseNorthwestern Polytechnical University Press Co.Ltd
Xiaoming Wang's Fairy Tales
Publishing House21st century publishing group co. LTD
"Happiness" has always been one of his stories' themes. In the author's words in "Xiaoming Wang's mood tales" published a few years ago, he says "For the past decade,I have been influenced by Lindgren and taken 'happiness' as the main theme of my stories."His story collection "The Grass' Happy Song" is a "Shipping Container" dedicated to children with his most imaginative, fascinating and playful works. The philosophical tales can develop a benign world view for children as well as nurturing their aesthetics and elegance.
Master Series: Illusion
Illusion is a modern suspense reasoning fiction, and it is the third one of Master Series. The detective’s mother Diana falls in even bigger danger. Torrey knew from the chief of London police station that Diana has gone to Shanghai. Torrey, Hailee and Ramon leave London for Shanghai, and get help from International Criminal Police Organization where Ramon’s old friend Hu Xiong worked in. They captured the clandestine group at one swoop, Diana was reunited with Torrey finally.
The Return of the Beast
AuthorMARCASTEL Jean-Luc
Publishing HouseGulfstream Editeur
"• Combining the dark period of occupied France with the stories of the Beast of Gevaudan, Jean-Luc Marcastel demonstrates with talent that monsters are not always legends. He heard it. He even says that he saw her, with his small, wicked eyes. But in the village everyone knows that Father Gustave drinks a little too much. So his story to sleep, which revives the memory of the famous Beast of Gevaudan, it does not scare me, well almost no ... And then I have a more urgent problem to deal with: organize the escape of my best friend Maurice , who was arrested by SS. But how can I and my gang of friends, that a mere imaginary beast frighten, could we rout the German soldiers? "
Where is the red-nosed reindeer?
AuthorADRIANSEN Sophie
Publishing HouseGulfstream Editeur
"The round and soft illustrations of Marta Orzel give life to this winter quest to find the reindeer Rudolph, one of the stars of Christmas Panic on board! The gifts are packed, the reindeer are ready to distribute them, but one of them is missing ... Where is Rudolphe, the red-nosed reindeer who must lead the sleigh safely? Lift the flaps one by one and help Comet, Dancer, Tornado and the other reindeer to find Rudolph. Is it hidden beneath the surface of the frozen lake? Behind the pile of logs in front of the house? In the kitchen ?..."
The Art of War
Publishing HouseDesign Media Publishing (UK) Ltd.
The Art of War is the earliest Chinese military treatise and one of the greatest military classics in the world. It is widely recognised as one of the top three military treatises in the world with profound philosophy and extensive influence together with The Book of Five Rings and The Epitome of Military Science. The Art of War is divided into 13 chapters with each emphasising a topic yet related to the topics of the other 12. Each chapter first gives a general overview and then makes analysis centering on the topic. There is a compiling logic in the whole book. Recognised as a military classic, The Art of War exerts profound influence on the following generations in China. It has been spread to Japan and other countries and translated into multiple languages since the 8th century. It has become one of the famous military classics in the world and occupies a critical role in the world military history. The basic principles stated in the book remain relevant in today’s world. It has gained much wider popularity thanks to its incomparable military and philosophical thinking, ever-changing strategies and tactics and unique literal expression. It is applicable not only to the military field, but also to the modern business management, social management and inter-personal communication.
Protest: The Aesthetics of Resistance
Publishing HouseD.A.P. Distributed Art Publishers
Protest takes a wide-ranging approach to the practice of protest, bringing together contributors from different disciplines and from around the globe. Social, historical, sociological and political-scientific perspectives play as much of a role in this publication as approaches that draw on image theory, popular culture, cultural studies and the arts. Simultaneously historical and contemporary, the book also explores such present-day developments as the virtualization of activism, the relationship of the virtual and the fictional, and the exploitation of these trends in politics by power-holders of all shades. A timely publication, Protest: The Aesthetics of Resistance explores marginalized communities' practices of resistance and reflects on the past, present and future of protest.
Hugo, the space traveler
AuthorRicardo Ferrari
Publishing HouseNAZHIRA
The book brings together two stories. One in which Hugo best friends a “so-called monster” and the other in which Hugo finds the first extra-terrestrial life form and the first non-biological intelligent form. Exploring planets, traveling through space, creating robots and going through many adventures. These are the stories of Hugo in the year 3000, a young man whose home is the universe.
Publishing HouseNorthwestern Polytechnical University Press Co.Ltd
A Sleepy Snake
Publishing House21st century publishing group co. LTD
Children’s Books
A little snake who dares not to sleep alone wants to find a companion. All of he meets a soft red balloon, and gradually falls into sleep. As the snake breath in and out, the red balloon grows bigger and bigger, and flies up into the sky...
Writing a poem is like catching a fish
Publishing HouseTragaluz Editores Sas
Yo conocí la obra de Adília Lopes cuando estaba escribiendo mi tesis de maestría sobre el humor en la literatura portuguesa. Y, confieso, no me gustó. (…) Me ofendió su ironía, el que fuera poco ceremoniosa ante el sufrimiento y la soledad; me ofendió lo que parecía ser violencia psicológica contra la mujer que ella es, esa sátira recurrente de un universo femenino carente de afectos; me ofendió la desfachatez con que desarmaba las reglas simplonas de las relaciones humanas y nos dejaba expuestos a todos, a través de sí misma, al ridículo. Pero esa fue tan solo mi primera lectura. (…) aprendí a amarla con el tiempo, como pariente que estuviera a punto de morir. “Es necesario haber sufrido, es necesario haber engordado mucho para entender a Adília Lopes”, dije años más tarde en el libro que le escribí.
Bust and boat
AuthorSanjaLovrenčić(文),Mingsheng Pi(插图)
Publishing HouseMala Zvona d.o.o.
Children’s Books
The world is full of dangers, especially for those who are fragile: for a paper boat, which can be dissolved by the first rain, for a little helmet that can not fly. Among them, however, perhaps because of the common weakness, develop unrestrained friendship. Together, sailing the city fountain, they will try to understand the miracles of the dangerous and wonderful surrounding world: fireflies and balloons, bird singing and people who, tossing coins into the water, still hope for happiness. And in the end it will show that the world knows how to be gentle to gentle ...
What is life ?
Publishing HouseGulfstream Editeur
Teen & Young Adult
"What is life, where does it come from, what is needed to live, is there life all over the world, and elsewhere? Travel in time and space, and go back to the origins of life. Discover in what conditions life appeared on Earth nearly 3.8 billion years ago; What are the common points that you share with a snail, a flower or a bird; why your body is 65% water; why some species are threatened to disappear; or how scientists search for traces of life elsewhere. In the activities section, roll up your sleeves and go into action: • learn to extract DNA from a pear; • observe the cells of an onion; • determines the best germination conditions a seed; • makes an insect hotel. "
The Stories of A Girl Xiaoxiao And A Boy Doudou
Publishing HouseChina Peace Publishing House
Children’s Books
This collection includes 4 books. The protagonist of first two books is a girl, named Xiaoxiao, the protagonist of other two books is a boy named Doudou. The stories truly show the younger students' inner world, their wishes and dreams. The theme of these books is love. The author advocates that teaching how to love should be prior to all kinds of educations, since it has great significance to the growth of children.