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A Game Of Thrones
AuthorGeorge RR Martin
As Warden of the south. Lord Eddard Stark counts it a cirse when king Robert bestows on him the office of the Hand. His honour weighs him down at court where a true man does what he will, not what he must...... and the dead enemy is a thing of beauty. The old gods have no power in the south, Starks family is split and there is treachery at court. Worse the vengeance mad heir of the deposed Dragon King has grown to maturity in exile in the free cities. He claims the Iron Throne
The China Questions: Critical Insights into a Rising Power
AuthorJennifer Rudolph
Publishing HouseHarvard University Press
After years of isolation, China is now center stage as an economic and global power, but its rise has triggered wildly divergent views. Is it a model of business efficiency or a threat to American prosperity and security? Thirty-six of the world’s leading China experts from Harvard University’s renowned Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies answer key questions about this new superpower, distilling a lifetime of scholarship into short and accessible essays about Chinese identity, society, culture, history, and economic and foreign policy.
A Sleepy Snake
Publishing House21st century publishing group co. LTD
Children’s Books
A little snake who dares not to sleep alone wants to find a companion. All of he meets a soft red balloon, and gradually falls into sleep. As the snake breath in and out, the red balloon grows bigger and bigger, and flies up into the sky...
Zhang Qiusheng's Magic Fairy Tale Series
Publishing HouseChina Peace Publishing House
A set of "magic" books of fairy tales. Pilipara Wolves learned a "crackling" magic; the robbers in the Rose Valley are good at "healing" magic; Grandma Gladdin is using the famous "confused magic". Plenty of interesting magic stories are going to open the door to the wonderful world of childhood.
Biographies of Deities: Ancient Chinese Mythology
Author严 优
An excellent work meticulously collects, compiles, narrates and interprets the mythology in ancient China, this book is divided into three parts, namely “original sources”, “stories in written vernacular Chinese” and “content interpretations”, and complemented with a good number of pictures. Chinese mythology is characterized by complex sources, circuitous path of inheritance, abridgment or integration. What remains of Chinese mythology is now incomplete and often times self-contradictory. As a result, it is hard for people to grasp it systematically. They have no other choice but to accept the stories that can satisfy their curiosities individually, which inevitably causes many confusions that they cannot find an answer anywhere. The author strives to let accurate, rich and rational mythical knowledge enter into the sight of people in a language form which is more active, more suitable to social reality, more expansive and more modernistic. Unlike Theogony by Hesiod from ancient Greece, there is no final in ancient Chinese mythology. This leads to the uncertainty of deity images or divinity, which brings about great difficulty to the reorganization and generalization by the descendants. The author classifies deities according to a certain logical sequence, which is close to the concept of “pedigree”. Meanwhile, some “fragmentary images” selected from the torrent of mythological inheritance and evolvement are presented. Thereby, the images of various deities and their relationship recorded in the book take on a comparatively clear outline. This is an informative, readable and fun book for the masses.
One Belt One Road Initiative
AuthorCaixin Media
Publishing HouseDesign Media Publishing (UK) Ltd.
One Belt One Road Initiative is put forward by the Chinese government to bring the economic development for those 65 countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. The Chinese government brings these countries investment loan for infrastructure building in the hope that economic growth will appear to them as what it has on China before.
First Acquaintance of Beijing
AuthorGuoli TANG
Publishing HouseDesign Media Publishing (UK) Ltd.
First Acquaintance of Beijing is an overview of Beijing history and culture. The book introduces the historical development of Beijing from a city to a capital in a macroscopic perspective. It reflects characteristics in different periods of Beijing in terms of politics, military, economy, culture and livelihood
Globalisation 4.0: Beyond the Return of China
AuthorYu SHAO, Peijing QIN
Publishing HouseDesign Media Publishing (UK) Ltd.
This is a book focusing on “Globalisation 4.0” from China’s perspective. Not only does it show the breathtaking economic history about globalisation, but also it is a frontier book to have a picture of the international economic conditions and global economic trend in future at well. The book starts from the third wave of the financial crisis at this moment. It discusses the strategy of “One Belt One Road” of China. Then it shows the political and economic conditions of the core regions and countries related to it, analysing the benefits and risks in these regions and countries for China.
Publishing HouseOther
Teen & Young Adult
Jian Zong Mo Yan Shen Zhiqiu accident heard about the slogan of the brother Xiao Shaoling stealing the Qi Zongqi Pei school, very angry. In order to find out the real murderer, Shen Zhiqiu accompanied the brothers to the powerful Han Hao to investigate the matter, but Han Han refused on the spot. Chi Pei Ke, a teacher of the court, visited the Han Dynasty several times, and Han Yu tempted the other party with rumors, and found out the conspiracy to provoke contradictions between the two factions.
Classic of Mountains and Seas: Modern life of the Immortals- Picture Book
144 full color hand paintings, 36 strange monsters+ 36 plants and flowers, original text+ translation, there are even small science legends. Also cute personified iamges, it's a picture book with cartoon elements, summon your monsters now!
A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived
AuthorAdam Rutherford
Publishing HouseThe Experiment
National Book Critics Circle Award—2017 Nonfiction Finalist “Nothing less than a tour de force—a heady amalgam of science, history, a little bit of anthropology and plenty of nuanced, captivating storytelling.”—The New York Times Book Review, Editor's Choice A National Geographic Best Book of 2017 In our unique genomes, every one of us carries the story of our species—births, deaths, disease, war, famine, migration, and a lot of sex. But those stories have always been locked away—until now. Who are our ancestors? Where did they come from? Geneticists have suddenly become historians, and the hard evidence in our DNA has blown the lid off what we thought we knew. Acclaimed science writer Adam Rutherford explains exactly how genomics is completely rewriting the human story—from 100,000 years ago to the present.
Laborintus Letter from Thomas Paine to the French people
AuthorThomas Paine, Yannick Bosc
Publishing HouseAssociation des éditeurs des Hauts de France
history are absent from the "national novel" and almost ignored by French historiography Among his eighteen illustrious men resonates the name of Thomas Paine. How can we participate in two revolutions during his life,contribute to the political debate of several countries, including France, and then be forgotten by all? In this Letter to the French people, one of the essential figures of the American Revolution justifies the coup d'état of September 4, 1797, organized by the Executive Directory against the royalists. Eurocentric, universal citizen, as he liked to define himself, Thomas Paine was a fervent supporter of the republic.
Reading & Form Collection
Publishing HouseNAZHIRA
The story is told in a one-meter long continuous image. The illustration shows in a creative and descriptive way the narrative capacity of the visual languages. The story in images proposes on one hand a visual reading and on the other hand an artistic intervention. These books can be colored or not because creative intervention is an invitation that is offered to the reader. Each book has the original classical story and reveals curiosities with some unknown aspects of the beloved classic stories.
The Return of the Beast
AuthorMARCASTEL Jean-Luc
Publishing HouseGulfstream Editeur
"• Combining the dark period of occupied France with the stories of the Beast of Gevaudan, Jean-Luc Marcastel demonstrates with talent that monsters are not always legends. He heard it. He even says that he saw her, with his small, wicked eyes. But in the village everyone knows that Father Gustave drinks a little too much. So his story to sleep, which revives the memory of the famous Beast of Gevaudan, it does not scare me, well almost no ... And then I have a more urgent problem to deal with: organize the escape of my best friend Maurice , who was arrested by SS. But how can I and my gang of friends, that a mere imaginary beast frighten, could we rout the German soldiers? "
Handbook of Four Hundred Popular Surnames in China (3 Volumes)
Publishing House江西人民出版社
This book selects top 400 surnames in China which cover the 97% of the population and more than 80,000 people’s surnames each. This book uses the precise and appropriate ways to respectively introduce the surnames’ “meaning and totem”,“origins and evolution”,“blending of alien genes”,“distribution and migration in history’’,“distribution and pedigree in modem time”, “traditional culture—noble families, family instructions and couplets’’,“celebrities appearance and family sages” and “blood type distribution”.
Master Series: Illusion
Illusion is a modern suspense reasoning fiction, and it is the third one of Master Series. The detective’s mother Diana falls in even bigger danger. Torrey knew from the chief of London police station that Diana has gone to Shanghai. Torrey, Hailee and Ramon leave London for Shanghai, and get help from International Criminal Police Organization where Ramon’s old friend Hu Xiong worked in. They captured the clandestine group at one swoop, Diana was reunited with Torrey finally.
Asking Heaven
As one of the expression ways of one nation’s spiritual life, literature must penetrate into the nature of the nation’s spiritual life and show the inner shudder of each individual of the nation. Reach deeper into a spirit and the dark place of people’s heart is the writing direction that Ding Bogang set for himself. What the five novellas in Asking Heaven present are “heart-shaking events” that can only happen among Chinese and can only be understood by Chinese.
The Stories of A Girl Xiaoxiao And A Boy Doudou
Publishing HouseChina Peace Publishing House
Children’s Books
This collection includes 4 books. The protagonist of first two books is a girl, named Xiaoxiao, the protagonist of other two books is a boy named Doudou. The stories truly show the younger students' inner world, their wishes and dreams. The theme of these books is love. The author advocates that teaching how to love should be prior to all kinds of educations, since it has great significance to the growth of children.