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Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Youth & Children
United Kingdom 🇬🇧
Bloomsbury publishes a wide range of books for children aged 0 to 16 - and books for early year practitioners and teachers. As global company we publish in the UK, USA, Australia and India.
Address : 50 Bedford Square WC1B 3DP London, GB
Contact : Nigel Newton
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Book information
Lift Every Voice and Sing
ISBN: 9781681199559
Publishing HouseBloomsbury Publishing Plc
First written by a schoolteacher and activist in 1900 and then declared the official African American National Anthem by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in 1919, “Lift Every Voice and Sing” has been a cornerstone hymn chronicling the black experience for more than one hundred years. Lyrics to this moving history are paired with the linocuts of Elizabeth Catlett, a Harlem Renaissance artist best known for her unique representations of the struggles and triumphs of black men, women, and children. Newly back in print and updated with a fresh design as well as an introduction from beloved author and illustrator Ashley Bryan, Lift Every Voice and Sing is a more relevant than ever celebration of black lives.0
When the World Is Full of Friends
Publishing HouseBloomsbury Publishing Plc
Albert, Tom, Flossie, and Pipkin love to invent games together, and their biggest wish is to have friends to share them with. One day, something magical happens. A family of squirrels moves in across the stream! They could be the perfect friends—but how will they cross the stream? This touching story from the team behind When the World Is Ready for Bed and When the World Was Waiting for You will warm the hearts of readers young and old.
Baby Shoes (padded board book)
Publishing HouseBloomsbury Publishing Plc
aby loves his brand-new white shoes, taking them all over the neighborhood while mom chases behind. But this little one just can't resist stomping through puddles, squishing fallen plums, and dancing in fresh paint. It isn't long before those white, high-jumping, fast-running shoes are speckled and spotted with every color of the rainbow. A perfect gift for little ones and new moms, award-winning author Dashka Slater's delightful, rhythmic text and Hiroe Nakata's jaunty illustrations will make toddlers want to explore the colorful world around them in their own go-go-going shoes!
Lola Dutch When I Grow Up
ISBN: 9781681195544
Publishing HouseBloomsbury Publishing Plc
Lola Dutch is always bursting with grand ideas—so of course she has many ideas for what she wants to be when she grows up! She could be an actress commanding the stage, or an inventor taking to the skies. Or maybe a botanist, designing and growing a beautiful garden! The possibilities are endless—but Lola is so inspired that she can’t decide! Her dear companion Bear knows that the best thing she can be right now is a kid, excited to learn about everything. And that there’s always something new to be tomorrow! Inspired by their own four gorgeously feisty children, Sarah Jane and Kenneth Wright are thrilled to continue this fun, commercial, character-driven series about the unstoppable Lola Dutch.
Croc & Turtle
Publishing HouseBloomsbury Publishing Plc
Meet Croc and Turtle! Croc is the strongest because he can lift a big, heavy rock . . . until Elephant flings it into the air with ease. Croc is the highest jumper . . . until Rabbit shows up and soars into the sky. But Croc is definitely the fastest runner . . . until Cheetah zooms past. Croc is worried that he’s not the best at anything! But Croc and Turtle are the best at something more important than being the strongest or the fastest—they’re the best at being friends. Packed with charm and humor, this exciting beginning of a new picture book duo for the ages is one to read with your best friend.
Publishing HouseBloomsbury Publishing Plc
移居,邦妮和克莱德,因为城里有一个新的犯罪策划者。。。 宝贝弗兰克! 宝贝弗兰克非常可爱,他即将脱离最大胆的婴儿银行抢劫。 为什么? 他的父母说,他不能养宠物 - “宠物适合年龄较大的孩子”,“对你的泰迪熊感到满意”,“他们花费太多钱,”他们说。 什么是宝宝要做。。。? 当然抢个银行! 你被警告了 。。。 随着卫报漫画家斯蒂芬柯林斯的引人注目的插图,这个笑声大声的押韵文本是老板宝贝遇见不可能的任务。