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Carochinha Editora
Youth & Children
Children's Books
Portugal 🇵🇹
There was once a storytelling fairy who decided to set up a children's book publisher. To put his plan into practice, he asked for help from a magic goblin, who turned his idea into words. And the fairy turned the words into action. From word to word, from action to action, was born the Carochinha Editora, which seeks to instigate children's curiosity by stimulating the art of creating and imagining.
Address : Rua Mirassol, 189
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Carochinha Editora 2018
AuthorCarochinha Editora
Publishing HouseCarochinha Editora
Children’s Books
A fairy storyteller decided to set up a children's book publisher, and for this she asked for help from a goblin. Together they created Carochinha Editora.
Publishing HouseCarochinha Editora
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