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Mala Zvona d.o.o.
Croatia 🇭🇷
Little Bells is a family publishing house founded in February 2010. Our motto is: "Books that last". In the part of our programme intended for children we publish high quality picture books mostly by Croatian authors and children's books by great literary classics (Yourcenar, Schwitters, d'Aulnoy...) One of our main goals is to develop aesthetic taste among youngest readers.
Address : Savska cesta 28 10000 Zagreb, CROATIA
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Book information
Bust and boat
AuthorSanjaLovrenčić(文),Mingsheng Pi(插图)
Publishing HouseMala Zvona d.o.o.
Children’s Books
The world is full of dangers, especially for those who are fragile: for a paper boat, which can be dissolved by the first rain, for a little helmet that can not fly. Among them, however, perhaps because of the common weakness, develop unrestrained friendship. Together, sailing the city fountain, they will try to understand the miracles of the dangerous and wonderful surrounding world: fireflies and balloons, bird singing and people who, tossing coins into the water, still hope for happiness. And in the end it will show that the world knows how to be gentle to gentle ...
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